Stroke Patient saved by right decision at the right time

                                           Stroke-300x225 Stroke Patient saved by right decision at the right time
A 48 years old lady was brought by her attendants to the Emergency department of the Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. Emergency team found weakness of the right half of her body & inability to lift her right extremity, not able to speak properly with facial deviation. On duty Emergency Physician, suspected brain stroke and advised for MRI of the brain immediately.

MRI was done & it reveals an acute stroke due to blood clot blocking a blood vessel supplying within the brain. Stroke Neurology team led by Dr. Khandker Mahbubar Rahman (Senior Consultant-Neurology) was activated immediately. Since the stroke event was within 4.5 hours, a clot buster popularly known as rtPA (recombinant tissue plasminogen activator), was given slowly IV over 1 hour in the emergency department. After completing her injection in Emergency over 1 hour she was sent to critical care unit under neurology for observation.

It was a miracle waiting for the physicians & the patient on the next morning!!

She was found completely normal on the next day. There was no significant weakness or speech problem. She was shifted to step down unit 24 hrs after the injection. After 24 hours in a cabin for observation she was discharged on the 3rd day as a normal person with no deficit.

One major problem with thrombolysis is that it has to be instituted within the first to four and half hours and, unfortunately many people do not recognize the initial warning signs of a stroke. Delaying treatment makes it in many cases difficult or impossible to treat. It is important for a suspected stroke to rush in an emergency department within 1 to 3 hours, for complete recovery.

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, showing commitment towards their vision to bring international standard health care to Bangladesh, will continue their journey as a unique Stroke center in this country to bring more and more successful results in treating acute stroke patient.