Diet for dengue and chikungunya patients

diet_web-300x150 Diet for dengue and chikungunya patients

Recently Bangladesh has become dengue and chikungunya endemic area. lot of people are suffering from dengue chikungunya now a day, the main symptoms are fever with excessive joint pain, loss of appetite, skin rashes, along with other associated symptoms, at times leading to various health related complicacies. loss of appetite is very common with fever, which leads to generalized weakness.
Balanced diet can help to reduce weakness, preserve immunity, thus help in early recovery from these diseases.
Dengue and chikungunya leads to severe form of joint pain, bodyache. for early recovery patients are advised to take vitamin and mineral enrich food and increase fluid intake.
Following dietary issues are important in case of dengue or chikungunya. coconut water helps in early recovery of helps in liver detoxification and correction of electrolyte it is advisable to take minimum 2 glasses of coconut water every day. patient should take lot of fluid to avoid dehydration. liquids are easily digestable. vegetable soup, fruit juice, coconut water, soft rice provides necessary calorie, moreover good source of minerals and antioxidants.
Vitamin c also plays important role in early recovery from fever, it helps to fight with also helps to increase appetite. hard food items, fibre containing food like-cabbage, beet, cauliflower should be avoided. fast food, fried food should also be avoided to get rid of indigestion and acidity-dyspepsia.
Pomegranate helps in preserving platelet count in normal range in case of dengue is also a good source for iron and several needful vitamins.
Spinach has sufficient amount of omega, fatty acid and iron. boiled spinach in blended form or spinach soup is helpful in both dengue and chikungunya.
Protein containing food is also required in case of dengue and chikungunya, egg, chicken broth, soup will also help to recover soon, but less spice application is preferable.
Allergy prone food like beef, shrimp, brinjal should be avoided if rashes is present.
Soft, easily digestable food should be taken in small amount in short intervals in case of fever.
Chikungunya is associated with joint pain, so thick lentil, read meat and meat gravy should be avoided.
Hot or cold food intake should be avoided too. Soft rice, lentil soup or water, vegetable soup, fruit juice should be taken to maintain nutrition balance.
Lemon slice with ginger juice, honey mixed with lukewarm water should be taken daily.
It is important to maintain nutrition instead of starving during dengue or chikungunya and provide needful nutrients to body for early recovery


.tamanna Diet for dengue and chikungunya patients

Tamanna Chowdhury
Principal Dietician
Apollo Hospitals Dhaka