Dr. Rubaiya

“Summertime Sadness for Your Skin and How to Fix it.”: Health talk jointly organized by Apollo Hospitals Dhaka and the Inner Wheel Club of Dhaka North East

Since summer is approaching, yesterday, on March 20, 2016 at the auditorium at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka (AHD), Dr. Rubaiya Ali, Consultant-Dermatology and Venereology, AHD spoke at the health talk jointly organized by AHD and the Inner Wheel Club of Dhaka North East about “Summertime Sadness for Your Skin and How to Fix it.”

“Here, the first place we go to look for solutions for skin problems is the beauty parlour,” said Dr. Rubaiya Ali, “and often by using fake cosmetics, alternative medicine or self-medicating oneself to the point where damage to the skin is irreparable, do the patients, as a last resort, consult a dermatologist. ”

Certified and trained in Chemical Peeling from the Image Skin Care Institute in Florida, USA, Dr. Rubaiya’s area of expertise includes chemical peeling, Botox injection and cutaneous and laser surgery, for which she was trained in the Institute of Dermatology in Bangkok, Thailand.

Her talk covered topics on the 4 sins we commit against our skin which includes unprotected exposure to sunlight, consumption of sugar, smoking and stress, the various skin disease prevalent in summer and how to treat it and various lifestyle changes that is required to have healthy skin.

“No matter how much we we groom ourselves, the fact of the matter remains that our skin is the first visual impression we make of ourselves to others,” says Dr. Rubaiya. “Even if you have a heart condition, or diabetes, or any other disease, it is hidden inside your body. However, your skin condition is exposed for everybody to see. It directly impacts your social interactions and your public image, which in turn affects your self-esteem.”

The talk was followed by a lively interactive question-answer session where the participants celebrated Dr. Rubaiya Ali’s take home message:

“Your skin is a reflection of not only your physical health, but also of your emotional and mental health. So it is very important to first accept yourself and be happy. This is because in order to look beautiful, you have to first feel beautiful.”