Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, being in the business of hospital service marketing where one needs to wear the shoes of the customers, feels that the demands of service sommunication department are neither small nor simple. We promote total quality management in every aspect of our service, promising and delivering a total atmosphere of support and comfort. We believe no amount of skilled health care professionals and cutting-edge technology will be successful unless it is delivered within a complete package of dedication, commitment, loyalty, care, and quality. Our business vision focuses on four things: patient care, patient safety, patient rights and responsibility, and patient confidentiality. We believe providing premium quality service to our patients is not something what the patients should ask for, it is what they deserve. All of us at every level of the hospital have kept ‘patient’ at the forefront of our existence and have worked hard to ensure we deliver what we commit.

For any organization, Service Communication Department Department is considered the revenue earner of the organization. This is true for Apollo Hospitals Dhaka as well. Service Communication Department Department aims and secures the business of the hospital by being the primary and focal point-of-contact for people in the community requiring healthcare solution in regular and odd hours, and by ensuring timely delivery of necessary healthcare from the right corners through a series of teamwork concerning different areas of the hospital.


Service Communication Department creates a firm bridge of communication, bond, reliance, and trust between physicians in the community and the hospital’s facilities, special services and Consultants. It works to cater to the knowledge and need of the physicians of the country so that the patients they refer are properly taken care of at the hospital.

Country-wide seminars are arranged by Service Communication Department, where Consultants from Apollo Hospitals Dhaka are taken to enlighten the local community physicians about the updates and advanced treatment that are being practiced in our hospital. Our Consultants talk about the hospital’s latest technologies, advanced practices and facilities available.

We arrange Facility Tours in our hospital for doctors of all categories so that they get familiar with our tertiary care services. We invite the Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Key Account Prescribers (KAP) of the physicians’ community to visit our hospital premises, as we consider their opinions of high importance for the uplifting of our services, and because they are the ones who are sending patients to us to maintain and enhance continuity of care. They meet our Consultants and share their experiences and knowledge in clinical practice.

Moreover, during Focused Meetings arranged in local communities between our Consultants and local community physicians, knowledge-based experience sharing helps to build a good relationship, connection and bondage between Apollo Hospitals Dhaka and referral physicians in the community.


Apollo Information Centres in Chittagong, Sylhet, Bogra, Khulna, Comilla, Mymensingh, Narayanganj, Maijdee provide a platform where patients can get any kind of information related to Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. Support or guidance regarding patient services, doctor appointments, ambulance services and availability, can be accessed through these Information Centres, and patients and their family members can maintain communication with Apollo Hospitals Dhaka in regular and odd hours. This makes the lives of patients living outside Dhaka city much easier and less worrisome, ensuring continuity of health care.

To ask any query or to seek help relating patient services or doctors’ support in Apollo Hospitals Dhaka from Chittagong, Sylhet, Bogra, Khulna, Comilla, Mymensingh, Jessore, Narayanganj, Cox’s bazar or surrounding areas, please contact our specific Information Centres below:

Apollo Information Centre Chittagong
House No: 3095/A, (2nd Floor) ,
O.R. Nizam Road (Golpahar More),
Panchlish, Chittagong.
Phone: (031)-656000
Mobile: 01714162759

Apollo Information Centre Sylhet
28, Modhushahid
New Medical Road, Sylhet
Phone: (0821)-712809
Mobile: 01713047461

Apollo Information Centre Narayanganj
Apollo Information Centre Narayanganj
143 B.B Road,
Shahnewaz Chamber, (Opposite to Narayanganj club),
Narayanganj – 1400.
Phone: 01713 479 887

Apollo Information Centre Maijdee
768, Ashfak Plaza ( 1st Floor North)
Main Road, Maijdee Bazar, Noakhali
Mobile: 01755-649743

Apollo Information Centre Bogra
Kanusgari, Sherpur Road,
Phone: 01713 193274

Apollo Information Centre Khulna
Tribune Tower, 2B, KDA Avenue, Khulna
Phone: (041)-2830887
Mobile: 01713240312

Apollo Information Centre Comilla
Trikal Tower, 1st floor
House No – 634/581
South Thakurpara, Laksam Road
Phone: (081)-72015
Mobile: 01755533154

Apollo Information Centre Mymensingh
32/A (1st floor), Shehora (opposite of Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College)
Dhaka Road, Mymensingh
Phone: (091)-63474
Mobile: 01755536448


We have agreements with many health care agencies around the country which act as third parties to provide information on Apollo Hospitals Dhaka’s services to community physicians, patients & their attendants, and establish easy communication with the hospital (especially for patients living outside Dhaka).


Health Clinics outside Dhaka are regularly organized, where Consultants from Apollo Hospitals Dhaka attend local community patients. Through these health clinics, patients living outside Dhaka have the opportunity to avail consultation services from Apollo Consultants without having to travel to Dhaka. Health Clinics are organized throughout the country and they take place every month for the benefit of our patients. These Health Clinics, usually arranged during weekends, are whole day programs where Consultants of different specialties are brought at different times. Patients can register in advance for consultation services through our Information Centre in the particular area.

To learn about and attend our upcoming Health Clinics, please visit our Upcoming Events page.

health_clinics Service Communication Department


Patient Forum Programs, regularly organized within the hospital, provides a platform for patients to talk about their experiences while being treated at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, and to provide recommendations for the hospital and its staff. Patients talk about the care they had received from our doctors, nurses and staff, and provide valuable advice for betterment of the hospital’s services.

To read about some of our memorable Patient Forums, please go to our Patient Testimony page.


Service Communication Department focuses on creating strong voice of customers from the educated, enlightened and sophisticated part of society through Corporate Marketing. Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, being the vanguard corporate hospital in the country and running its operation in corporate fashion, takes pride in being the pioneer in marketing of its premium and priority services to its corporate clients. This is basically creating a trustworthy liaison between the corporate world and Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. As business professionals are contributing towards the development of corporate culture and flourishing economy of our country, we believe providing priority services to them is our responsibility as the first corporate hospital in Bangladesh.

Corporate Affiliates:
Apollo Hospitals Dhaka has signed corporate agreements with over 300 reputed organizations. These organizations include embassies, banks, insurance companies, national and multinational companies, educational institutions, NGOs, clubs, and associations, etc.

See if your company is a corporate affiliate of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka:
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Priority Corporate Services:
We address our patients from different corporate houses with utmost professionalism and continuously thrive to provide them priority services. To serve corporate patients, we have dedicated One Stop Service Desk (Corporate Desk), located in the hospital’s atrium. At this desk, our Customer Service Executive and Corporate Marketing team are available from 9 am to 5 pm every day (except Fridays) to provide premium service to our corporate patients. Referral patients from community physicians, as well as overseas referrals, are also handled from our One-stop Service Desk. For details of our priority corporate services, click here.

Corporate Marketing Contacts:

Corporate Priority Centre
Service Communication Department
Mobile: +88-02-8431661-5
(From 9 am to 5 pm)
Except Holidays


All activities of Service Communication Department is backed by a strong, dynamic and aggressive In-House Portfolio Management team which mainly conceptualize, design and prepare all types of communication materials to project the hospital, its services and facilities, Consultants and other strengths, to the community. These are specially designed keeping the target audience strata in mind, customized for patients as well as for community physicians. All kinds of audio-visual promotional materials, as in newspapers, billboards, magazines, brochures, leaflets, banners, posters, stickers, and gifts, help to present AHD in front of the mass people of the society, aimed at enriching our patients’ knowledge about AHD and its unique facilities. All types of PR activities which concern the hospital, including arrangement of press release, press conference, publishing health articles and write-up of Apollo Medical Staff and allied personnel, are arranged and coordinated by this team. The quarterly in-house newsletter Apollo Moments is the brainchild of this team, which contains write-up about different cases, Consultants’ achievements and successes.


Apollo Hospitals Dhaka’s website is under the care and guidance of Service Communication Department through which we promote the hospital and conduct e-marketing and communications with our existing and prospective clients. We have an official Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn page and Youtube channel,  Dedicated persons working for this wing, continually enrich, update and modify our website and other pages in order to communicate with our clients on a one-to-one basis and provide them all kinds of useful information which they may require.


Any expansion, extension or modification of existing hospital services are initiated, streamlined and implemented by Service Communication Department with a view to enhance New Product strength of the hospital. New Products are the growth life line of any dynamic organization. Introducing new health screenings in MHC, expansion OPD specialties with disease-specific clinics, launching new ancillary services in patient comfort and care are all organized under leadership of Service Communication Department.


In addition to the on-going activities under the purview of Service Communication Department, massive expansion project is underway for enacting out-patient clinics, having consultation chambers and investigation facilities in several key areas of the Capital City which will act as reach-out centres of AHD. Having such spread-out wings in different areas of the city would help in attending more patients to facilitate patient care nearer to the doorsteps of the patients who are residing at a distance from Bashundhara AHD complex. Similar expansions are also underway in other major cities of the country, Chittagong and Sylhet being the initial focus. Starting with out-patient reach-out centres, we are moving ahead with establishing 300-bed hospitals in Chittagong and Sylhet.