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Arif Bhuiyan

My wife’s Stem Cell Transplant done by this excellent medical team of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. My first choice was Barcelona, Spain and second choice was India. Most of the people advised not to do SCT in Bangladesh even though it was less complicated one called Autologous. While checking all alternative options I discovered experience of Dr. Abu Jafar Mohammed Saleh and heard his audio conversation sent by my younger brother.

The decision to transplant in Apollo Dhaka was one of the important and precise decision which was made by me concerning my wife’s treatment. The doctors were so sincere about whole treatment process, even in front of me Abu Jafar Saleh sir gave her a glimpse of how to swell tablet with water. Dr. Tangia Apu was also agreeable. She explained step by step each treatment process and necessary prevention from side effects. The rest of the doctors, both Indian nurses were incredibly caring and professional. Overall hospital service including food and room service was 9 over 10. Only I had to buy few Indian chemotherapy medicines from a local supplier with 4/5times higher price. Abu Jafar sir was informed and he took note about it.

The transplant process has been sucessfully done by the grace of almighty. The patient is recovering, blood count increasing gradually and she will go home soon with a big smile.

Rakib Uddin Ahmed

My name is Rakib Uddin Ahmed. My patient ID is BD1/273691.

I have been going to Dr. S.M.G.Kibria for a post-surgical trauma involving my right great toe.

Actually, let me rephrase that. I went to Dr. Kibria after I have faced maltreatment in the hands of some unprofessional in a hospital which I do not wish to mention here.

I already had the surgery done on my right big toe by these so called other professional and let me just say I did not realize the job they had done was the worst kind of job until I have been through excruciating pain.

As I was waiting to see Dr. Kibria enduring pain and agony that I have already suffered, I was very much moved by his initial response. He greeted me very kindly with his warm words and apologized to me for keeping me waiting . He listened to my grievance intently and examined my toe very carefully.

My ill fate from the other hospital became apparent to me when Dr. Kibria examined me and explained the damages that my toe has already suffered.

I am diabetic. Through experiences of fellow diabetic patients I knew that trauma like this can turn severe before you know it.

Realizing my agony Dr. Kibria gave me hopes with words full of optimism and assured me like a close confidant that I am going to be just fine. He operated on my toe and provided me necessary mental and medical comfort to come through the surgery.

Post-surgery follow-up meeting with Dr. Kibria was equally inspiring and every meeting was full of encouragement and realization that I am beginning to recover soon.

Today I have almost recovered and the credit goes to Dr. Kibira after Allah Almighty.

He is a model in his profession and a beacon of hope for all of us. Frankly speaking I had no idea before I met Dr. Kibria that people like him still exists in this difficult world.

My heart is filled with gratitude for Dr. Kibria and I say that every medical professional should learn from him how to become a care giver.

There are many qualified Doctors in our country today. But care givers are only few and Dr. Kibria in one of those few.

He delivers medical treatment with lots of love and care and as a patient it is my recommendation that is what every doctor should order.

It is my heartfelt Dua that may Allah (SWT) grant Dr. Kibria long life and immense success in life.

Best Regards,
Rakib Uddin Ahmed

Patient Testimonial of
Dr. Tahera Nazrin
Consultant – Paediatric Cardiology

Joy Prakash Ghose, Assistant Manager ( IT )

Dear Sir,
I am writing to tell you how grateful I am towards you and your entire Apollo Hospitals Management of Dhaka for the treatment of my new born baby when he was suffering in cardiac problem last few days.

I am specially grateful to Dr. Tahera Nazrin from Paediatric Cardiology Department of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka as you assigned her for my baby’s treatment.

The competency of Dr. Nazrin and her team was awe inspiring, and I couldn’t have been luckier that she was the physician on duty when I came into the hospital that day.

The fact that by the blessings of God and Dr. Nazrin’s remarkable support my baby still here with us is a miracle. I know that she probably save a lot of lives in a given year, but I want to let her know through you that this life is forever grateful.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your kind and expert help in my baby;s treatment. Dr. Nazrin’s willingness to take time from her very busy schedule to comfort me, explain things to me really made me able to face all of my fears and eased my way through the anxiety of my baby’s diagnosis and treatment. Her handiwork is healing amazingly well and my baby well on his way to recovery.

I am also grateful to Assoc. Professor Dr. Sabina Sultana, from Pediatrics & Neonatology for her special care and thankful to Prof. Dr. M. Istaque Hossain & Dr. Abu Iqbal for their kindest support from the same department.

I was able to thank you for your medical services by paying my dues but I will never be able to thank you enough for all the support you gave me.

Thank you so much for all you and your staff have done for me.

My family and I will never forget what you’ve done for us.

God bless you & your team always.
Thanks & Regards,
Joy Prakash Ghose
Assistant Manager ( IT )

Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique (Movie Star)

I had a severe chest pain in the middle of the night and reached Apollo. My life was saved after primary angioplasty by the help of Apollo Hospital’s cardiology team.

Mayeen Uddin Khan Badal MP

Apollo’s doctors are experienced and excellent, nurses are good, general stuffs are kind and the whole atmosphere is amiable.I will ask everybody before visiting hospitals abroad, give Apollo a change. Thank you

Moin, Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka

Hello Dr Chaskar,
It was a nice experience being there at Apollo and I must appreciate the good service.
I was visiting Dr Katakdhond and he’s such a wonderful doctor.
He’s a pretty good listener and I really felt his healing presence.
He made me feel that I made a good choice in going there.

Besides, every person was cooperative and prompt at their works.
I hope this kind of service will be available in Apollo permanently as exactly this is the service what everyone wants to have.

Thanks for everything!
PS. it’d be really great if Apollo management could arrange FREE registration for a new patient.

Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka