Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Clinical Management of Patients

  • Complete a brief admission examination on each patient when appropriate and document clinical findings.
  • Attend ward rounds with consulting staff, as required, and be available to discuss patient treatment plans.
  • Provide a 24-hour medical service within the Critical care area by rotation basis
  • Inform admitting consultants of changes in medical condition of patients and of relevant action taken.
  • Follow the instructions of consultants for their specific regime for each individual patient.
  • Perform clinical procedures as requested by consultant medical staff and nursing staff, these may include phlebotomy and monitoring of intravenous drugs given to patients.
  • Initiate and alter in-patient prescriptions at consultant’s request.
  • Write up “to shift out from Critical care area” for patients as required.
  • Visit patients as required at the request of the nursing staff.
  • Visit all Critical care patients daily and document in clinical notes.
  • To be familiar with all relevant procedures/policies.
  • To be familiar with AHD clinical policies. To be aware of the AHD clinical risk programme and report clinical incidents, drug errors and near misses.
  • To participate in clinical audit and implementation of clinical governance.
  • To participate and assist with clinical procedures as required.
  • He/She should be part of the quality improvement of JCI documentation process of the hospital.


  • To be completely familiar with emergency equipment.
  • To dispense drugs with senior nurse on duty.
  • To record all treatments performed in patient notes.
  • To provide a full report to Resident Medical Officer commencing the next shift.


  • To carry out Cardiac Arrest and other Emergency Procedures as per hospital policy.
  • To initiate emergency treatments for patients, staff and visitors and complete appropriate documentation.

In-Service Education & Promotion of the Treatment Centre

  • Promote patient care by liaison with all departments.
  • Participate in the in-service education programme, inclusive of CPR, Health & Safety Training and Fire and other JCI related.
  • Ensure medical competence by continual professional development and reading of current medical journals.
  • Promote the centre by showing empathy and compassion to patients, their families and friends.
  • Promote the centre by demonstrating a customer –focused approach at all times to patients, consultants and staff.
  • Dress code as per AHD policy.


  • Administratively responsible to the Critical care coordinator.
  • Professionally responsible to the Medical Director.
  • Liaises closely with nursing staff and other relevant clinical or administrative staff.
  • Uses designated mentor in order to discuss clinical (or non-clinical) situations occurring within the hospital.

Decision Making Authority

Can initiate emergency medical care as required within the Critical care area for medical and surgical emergencies.

Health and Safety

  • Take reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and all other persons
  • who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.
  • Co-operate with their employer to ensure compliance with Health and Safety legislation and the Health and Safety policies and procedures of the treatment centre, not intentionally or recklessly interfere with, or misuse, anything provided in the interests of health, safety, or welfare, in pursuance of any of the relevant statutory provisions.

Data Protection

The postholder must at all times respect the confidentiality of information in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.  This includes, if required to do so, obtain, process and/or use information held on a computer in a fair and lawful way, to hold data only for the specified registered purposes and to use or disclose data only to authorised persons or organisations as instructed.
This list of duties and responsibilities is not exhaustive and the post holder may be required to undertake other relevant and appropriate duties as reasonably required.
This job description is subject to regular review and appropriate modification.
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Professional experience:

  • Essential:    Must be conversant with ventilators, hemodynamic monitoring.
  • Desirable: Preferably have some teaching experience and undertaken some research.

Specialized knowledge:

Essential:  Registrar

  • Is a physician, a surgeon or anesthetist who has received training and/or a certification on Critical Care.
  • Received training and or certification in a critical care training program recognized by the BCPS/BSMMU/Dhaka University council for Health Specialty

Personal Qualities

  • Essential:    Ability to lead and control multi-national staff
  • Essential:    Ability to speak Bangla and English
  • plan when necessary and to take appropriate initiatives in and urological emergencies when required.
  • Preparation of discharge summaries well in time previous day and briefing the patient about the medications on discharge.
  • Follow hospital practices and demonstrate initiative aligned to ensuring the safest possible environment for patients and staff.
  • To attend all clinical meetings and work shops and actively participate in paper presentations.
  • To be part of training programs conducted in the hospital and to take continuous initiatives for knowledge and skill up gradation.
  • To be involved in teaching programs that is held by the department
  • To be an active member for the quality initiatives of the hospital.
  • Any other responsibility assigned by the Coordinator / DMS office


  • Shall be doing minor procedures, catheterizations, and assist in uro dynamic study under supervision of registrar.
  • Assist consultants in the day-to-day management of patients under the supervision of registrar.
  • To do on-Call duties to attend to urological patients received through emergency and assist in their management as advised by the consultant.
  • To prepare the patients for urological surgeries and procedures by providing appropriate guidance and counseling
  • To assist in the lithotripsy and other urological surgical procedures to his consultant




0 to 01 Year Experience