• To perform comprehensive and problem focused histories and physical examinations, interpret laboratory and diagnostic tests.
  • To Interpret and correlate subjective and objective data.
  • To Formulate a differential diagnosis establish and a working diagnosis.
  • To develop a treatment plan for neurosurgical conditions within the scope of practice and in conjunction with the neurosurgeon.
  • To implement therapeutic intervention for specific conditions were appropriate.
  • To Exercise judgment on conditions requiring consultation, referral, or evaluation by the supervising neurosurgeon or other healthcare professionals.
  • To evaluate, screen and counsel patients on health maintenance and promote utilization of community resources. Design, conduct and or participate in research studies, manage databases, and perform quality assurance.
  • To supervise junior doctors in the department and performing administrative duties like maintenance of duty rota of the department

 Specific job Description

  • To provide multi and super-specialty Medicare under one roof by adopting holistic approach.
  • To provide healthcare based on sate-of-art technology and expertise at optimum cost ensuring Value for Money.
  • To provide a delightful ambience and excellent medical care with a human touch by integrated teamwork and effective quality system with monitoring and feedback.
  • To carryout continuous up gradation of technology and human resources development activities in congenial and safe environment.
  • To be an environment friendly, socially conscious organization.
  • To work with their consultants in the care of patient.
  • To develop and maintain effective communication with patients, their Families, nursing, paramedical and medical staff.
  • Patient and family counseling regarding surgery along with the consultant.
  • To develop work routine and organizational skills which optimize day to day patient management.
  • To supervise the resident and assist them in care of patient under the care in the unit as well as provide appropriate cross cover during period of absence.
  • To do supervision of all new admissions, their investigations and procedural consents from the appropriate consultant.
  • To review and document investigation results in hospital records.
  • Responsible for pre-operative and post -operative care of patient.
  • The specialist is responsible for briefing the resident who is taking charge of duty about treatment and condition of critical patient.
  • The specialist in a unit will manage day to day progress of all patients admitted under their respective department, and those referred to the department requiring on-going involvement of the department.
  • Communicates daily progress of the patient assess all the emergencies and referral of the department and discuss with the consultant regarding the management.
  • To examine the female patient in presence of a nurse and female attendant. 
  • To perform emergency call duties in rotation according to the call duty register maintained by each department.
  • May also be put on Emergency Call.
  • Specialist on call duty must attend to a patient immediately.
  • Specialist even when not on call may be required to attend to a patient in an emergency. However this will not be a routine practice.
  • Surgery within privileges.
  • First assistant in surgery, closure of a deep and superficial wounds to assist with all neurosurgical procedures to include craniotomies, spinal procedures including instrumentations, microscopic procedures.

–    Conduct hospital rounds on a daily basis of all patients including intensive care units, write orders, progress notes, perform all admission history and physicals, order appropriate laboratory and radiographic tests such as MRI’s, myleograms, bone scans, and other radiographic studies as needed or indicated.