Continuing Medical Education (CME) is a specific form of continuing education that helps medical professionals maintain competence and keep abreast of the developments in their specialties and related fields. The professional development that they undertake will enable them to provide an optimum level and improved quality of health care to their patients and communities. These activities take place as live events, written publications, online programs, audio, video, or other electronic media. The latest CME activities incorporate new technology into the educational process, i.e. the use of Internet in delivering medical education to physicians. But unfortunately, Internet CME has been used by only a tiny fraction of physicians.

The growth and effectiveness of CME programs can be increased in the future through changes in the ways CME is monitored and paid for, requirements that CME be shown to be effective, and combination of online CME with other instructional modalities. To spread Internet CME, the greater use of principles of instructional technology and “Team Approach” should be adopted in the production of online CME courses.

CME from Apollo Hospitals Dhaka

Under the clinical guidance of the CME Committee, Apollo Hospitals Dhaka sponsors various learning opportunities for physicians and medical professionals. The CME program has a strong infrastructure that includes knowledgeable physician planners, the Director of Medical Education, outstanding administrative support, and state-of-the-art equipment. We provide regular CME trainings on a wide range of medical topics, including clinical academic subjects and medical services. Content for these trainings are developed, reviewed, and delivered by our faculties who are experts in their individual medical fields. Experienced personnel from other reputed organizations are sometimes invited to conduct trainings related to their specific areas. CME is vital to the quality of healthcare at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. It is the goal of our CME program to support a high standard of patient care through the planning and implementation of quality educational offerings.

Objectives OF CME

CME Programs have the following main objectives:

  1. Ensure that all health professionals receive opportunities for professional development.
  2. Ensure that practitioners participate in educational activities that are effective in their practice context.
  3. Demonstrate to patients, the public and peers that health professionals are committed to life-long education.
  4. Increase health care provider awareness of health disparities.
  5. Enhance understanding of causes and approaches to reducing health disparities.
  6. Update heath care providers on culturally sensitive approaches to health care.
  7. Examine late breaking data relating inflammation to chronic and acute diseases.
  8. Increase understanding among the medical community as to potential applications of anti-inflammatory drugs in the management of diseases heretofore not considered to be associated with inflammatory processes.
  9. Establish potential collaborations among scientists researching disease process which may be related to inflammation, as well as attract new and young investigators and healthcare professionals to the study of inflammatory processes and disease progression.
  10. Increase public awareness of the need to monitor and control silent inflammation

Accreditation: AHD’S CME Program Awarded Exemplary Status

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is accredited to provide CME for physicians. The accreditation decisions are based on set of measurement criteria that have been developed for each element in the Essential Areas and Accreditation Policies, to measure whether the accredited provider meets the basic level of accreditation. We are very proud that the most recent survey concluded that Apollo Hospitals Dhaka has an exemplary CME program that is continually improving.


Apollo Hospitals Dhaka regularly conducts CME programs on clinical academic and medical services. Click on the links below to view a list of the CME programs held in the hospital:


For enquiries on our CME programs or to attend CME, please contact:

Asma Ara
Deputy Manager, Library
Mobile: 01711 065703
Phone (02)-8431661 EXT: 1153