Apollo Hospitals Dhaka proudly inaugurates the state-of-the-art Cancer Care Center in Bangladesh.


meet-the-press-300x200 Apollo Hospitals Dhaka proudly inaugurates the state-of-the-art Cancer Care Center in Bangladesh.

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka will now be able to provide international cancer treatments and methods through it’s technologically advanced comprehensive cancer center. This center has three high-tech machines which will treat cancer rapidly and accurately. The machines are Linear Accelerator, PET-CT and BRACHYTHERAPY. It will be possible to treat all sorts of cancer with the help of our internationally and locally trained doctors and cutting-edge machinery.

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka has installed a high-end radiotherapy machine, LINAC- HD –VERSA, Signature model which is the first of its kind in Bangladesh with a six dimensional rotational couch known as HEXA POD and is programmed to deliver radiation doses to tumors with pinpoint accuracy in treating tumors. This machine is one of the few in South-East Asia. The centre is also equipped with an ultramodern HDR Brachytherapy which ensures uninterrupted treatment due to the long half-life of the source. This centre is also equipped with the most advanced PET-CT machine with provides cutting edge technology to stage, plan, manage and monitor the treatment.

With the aim to provide international standard cancer care, Apollo Cancer Centre provides Brachytherapy and Radiotherapy with the most advanced equipment which causes minimum damage to surrounding tissues and is accepted globally as models of patient safety. All medical professionals of Apollo Cancer Centre are highly experienced and trained from home and abroad and are dedicated to providing the best cancer care in Bangladesh. All treatments in Apollo Cancer Centre parallel to treatment abroad.

A press conference was arranged in the auditorium of Apollo Hospital Dhaka on the 13th of November for the inauguration program. The keynote speaker of the event was Dr. Arif Mahmud, Acting Director, Medical Services, Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. Dr. Ratnadeep Chaskar welcomed the audience with the inaugural speech, after which Dr. Kailash Chandra Mishra, Senior consultant and coordinator of the Radiation and Clinical Oncological Department, Dr. Abu Jafar Mohammad Saleh, Consultant and Coordinator, Adult Hematology/HSCT Department and Professor Dr. Mohammad Fazlul Kabir, Consultant and Coordinator, Nuclear Medicine Department shared their knowledge on cancer with the audience. Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is the first and only JCI-USA accredited hospital in Bangladesh.

Mr. Akhter Jamil Ahmed, Deputy General Manager, Business Development, Apollo Hospitals Dhaka coordinated the event.