In our journey through life, we may face unfavourable incidences – anytime, anywhere. Some of these accidental incidences may affect our health and cause serious economic burden for us and our families. Apollo Health Club started its journey to stay beside you and help you to handle these difficult situations. The objective of Apollo Health Club is to ensure medical services of international standard at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka for any of its members who become physically affected by accidental incidences. The Club is committed to providing the best care for its honourable members.


  • Accidental Medical Benefits
    If you, as a member of Apollo Health Club, suffer from an accident and take treatment at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, the Club will bear the cost of your treatment as an in-patient or emergency patient.
  • Total Annual Benefits
    The Club will bear the cost of medical treatment done by Apollo Hospitals Dhaka for all your accidental injuries throughout the year (up to BDT 300,000).
  • Special Benefits in Master Health Check
    The Club will offer Master Health Check packages for all its members at 5% discount from regular tariff.
  • Benefits for Family Members
    Any member of your family will get the same medical benefits at a lower cost if he/she becomes a member of Apollo Health Club.


  • Annual Membership Fee
    Apollo Health Club will offer you, as an applicant, a membership for 1 year against a membership fee. The amount of fee will depend on the type of the membership you applied for – Taka 1500 for Standard Club Member, Taka 2500 for Silver Club Member, and Taka 3000 for Gold Club Member.
  • Family Membership Fee
    If you are a member of Apollo Health Club, any of your family members can also become a member with 5% discounted membership fee. This discount facility will be applicable for both you and your family members if you all apply together.


There are three types of Apollo Health Club memberships you can choose from – Standard Club Member, Silver Club Member, and Gold Club Member.

Standard Club Member Silver Club Member Gold Club Member
Accidental Medical Benefits 80% of cost 85% of cost 90% of cost
Total Annual Benefits Tk. 100,000 Tk. 200,000 Tk. 300,000
Master Health Check Benefits 5% discount on regular cost 5% discount on regular cost 5% discount on regular cost
Annual Membership Fee Tk. 1,500 Tk. 2,500 Tk. 3,000
Family Membership Fee 5% discount on membership fee 5% discount on membership fee 5% discount on membership fee



Any person is eligible to apply for Apollo Health Club Membership if he/ she is between the ages of 5 and 60. The person, if employed, should be in a non-hazardous occupation with office/travel duties, or facing limited exposure to occupational hazards.


Apollo Health Club Membership does not cover any expense caused by or resulting from:

  • Intentionally self-inflicted injury, any attempt of suicide while sane or insane.
  • War, invasion, hostilities, riot, civil commotion, strike, rebellion, revolution, assault, act of terrorism, shelling, sniping, ambushes, and all acts of similar nature, military or usurped power whether in time of peace or war.s
  • Any injury sustained where the Member is the motor vehicle driver and does not possess a current and valid motor vehicle driver’s license, except in a Driver’s Education Program.
  • Pregnancy and resulting childbirth, abortion or miscarriage.
  • Bacterial infections (except pyogenic infections which shall occur through an accidental cut or wound) or any other kinds of disease.
  • Any bodily injury which shall result in hernia.
  • Willful misuse of drugs and alcohol.
  • Any PRE-EXISTING CONDITION manifested during the last one (1) year preceding the Membership Effective Date.
  • Any professional or semi-professional sports activity.
  • Participating in competitions, races, contests, matches on land, air or sea.
  • Any cost related to transportation and/or ambulance except the cost of the service of ambulance of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka.
  • Cost of telephone and food & beverage.
  • Cost of creams related to beautification.
  • Cost of Limb Prosthesis and walking aids like walker or crutch.
  • Any cost related to nutritional supplements including tonics and ‘B’ Complex.

Apollo Health Club (hereinafter called the ‘Club’) hereby undertakes to provide Accidental Medical Benefit to its Members, subject to and in accordance with the Exceptions and Conditions herein contained.


This Membership is provided on the basis of the declarations made by the Member in the Application and in consideration of the payment in advance of the applicable Membership Fee.

Concealment of facts or false statement in the declarations which affect acceptance of risk by the Club shall invalidate the Membership from its inception.


  • Accident: A sudden and unpredictable event which results in an injury.
  • Application or Membership Application: The written Application signed by the member to purchase benefits under the Membership and to indicate the Membership Fee due.
  • Benefit Percent: The percentage of total cost of treatment for the Member by the Hospital that is paid by the Club.
  • Cost of Benefit: The amount of total cost of treatment by the Hospital that is paid by the Member.
  • Club: Apollo Health Club.
  • Emergency Patient: A person who comes to Emergency Department of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka and takes treatment for maximum 6 (six) hours and leaves before being admitted as an In-patient.
  • Family Member: A person who is related to a Member in any of the following ways: spouse, parent, brother or sister and child.
  • Hospital: Apollo Hospitals Dhaka.
  • Injury: Any accidental bodily injury occurring while this Membership is in force and resulting – directly and independently of all other causes – in any loss covered under this Membership.
  • In-patient: A person who is admitted in Apollo Hospitals Dhaka as a resident patient for at least 1 (one) day.
  • Medical Treatment: The services provided in the Hospital including doctor’s advice, accommodation, necessary medical tests and medicines provided during treatment in the Hospital as per the doctor’s advice.
  • Member: An Eligible Person who completes and signs the Membership Application form and satisfies the following requirements –
    • He or she has been accepted for benefit under the membership of the Club;
    • Membership Fee has been paid for him or her; and
    • His or her membership has become effective and has not terminated.
  • Membership: The Apollo Health Club Membership contract issued by Apollo Health Club and represented by Membership Card.
  • Membership Card: The card identifying the Member of the Club containing the Member’s name, photograph, membership identity number, membership type and membership validity period.
  • Membership Effective Date: 12:01 AM (Local Territory Time) on the seventh (7th) day following the Membership Application Date provided the proposed member fulfills the criteria of Eligibility of the membership of Apollo Health Club.
  • Membership Fee: The amount of money written as Annual Membership Fee in the Membership Schedule of Benefits, which the applicant must pay along with Application in order to get Club Membership.
  • Membership Schedule of Benefits or Schedule of Benefits: The Schedule issued by the Club stating the Membership terms and Membership benefits.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: A physical condition that was diagnosed, treated or for which a physician was consulted during the last one (1) year prior to the Membership Effective Date; whether declared or not declared on the Application.
  • Responsible Person: The person responsible to pay the Cost of Benefit if the Member dies before making payment of Cost of Benefit.

Conditions of Membership

  • Membership of the Club takes effect on the Membership Effective Date. After taking effect, this Membership shall remain in effect for one (1) year from the said date, subject to all other terms and conditions of this Membership.
  • Membership shall terminate on the earliest of the following dates:
    a) The expiration of the one (1) year period.
    b) When the Total Annual Benefit amount is paid by the Club.
    c) When the Member attains sixty-one (61) years of age.

The occurrence of any specific accident for which the percentage of benefit payable by the Club equals the amount that exceeds the Total Annual Benefit amount shall at once terminate the Membership benefits, but such termination shall be without prejudice to any clam originating out of that accident.

  • Membership may not be cancelled by the Member or by the Club. However, it shall become null and void from its Effective Date for fraud or any willful misrepresentation of material fact.
  • This Membership, the Membership Schedule of Benefits and the Membership Application constitute the entire contract. No change in this Membership contract shall be valid until approved by an executive of the Club. No one else has the authority to change or to waive any of the provisions of this contract.
  • This Membership Contract becomes effective only if countersigned by an authorized representative of the Club.
  • After termination of Membership due to expiration of one (1) year period or due to payment of Total Annual Benefit by the Club, the Membership can be renewed for one (1) more year subject to the condition that the age of the applicant has not crossed sixty (60) years.
  • Membership can be renewed for one (1) more year at 5% discount on Membership Fee subject to the condition that there was no benefit paid by the Club to the concerned Member during Membership in the previous one (1) year.